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Project Naptural Book

https://domainebregeon.com/wods578 Two and a half years, 200 pages and a ton of design work and my thesis is now complete in book form! We all know the boring version that you have to turn in at the defense before graduation, but I finally got time to lay it out in book form. Very excited about this one.


click So why did it take so long to get it done? Well last semester I was busy teaching four classes at UNT and 2 classes at Brown Mackie College. But the wait was well worth it. I am glad I took my time and really developed my writings into something that I am really proud of. I can’t wait to gift a copy to my professors and family!


https://someawesomeminecraft.com/2024/05/13/9e2pfvm I used Adobe InDesign (of  course) to design and layout my thesis/book. I copied my text in sections from the original Microsoft Word document I completed last December. It is really amazing seeing all the work that went into making this possible. All the completed assignments and literature reviews all packed into this thing.


https://emduk.org/xca1ems I am only getting a few printed (at about $40 a book). I am very pleased and can’t wait to continue researching once I get to my next teaching appointment at the University of Minnesota Duluth this fall!